Special Service Zone

Compare with global corporation tax rates

Source ~ Knight Frank (Only for business with an annual income of over AED 375,000)


Special Economic Zone

Kenya Vs Dubai

Dubai ranks first in the region in Bloomberg’s 2022 Global Financial Centre Index and 17th globally.


More expensive than living in Nairobi
  • Cost of living in Dubai is 95% more expensive than Nairobi

  • Grade A office rents in DIFC 4-6 times more expensive than Two Rivers

  • Aging office space stock versus ESG credentials quickly becoming a must have, especially for international blue-chip businesses

  • Despite rising demand, the volume of new supply remains limited in the wider Dubai area

  • Kenya’s continental Africa know-how, AfCFTA membership and proximity to the African markets

Special Economic Zone

Kenya Vs Johannesburg

Kenya and East Africa (>5% GDP growth) growing ahead of Southern Africa (<3%) consistently.


Kenya’s Ease of Doing Business Ranking

Johannesburg at #84/189

  • Kenya ranks #1 in Africa in terms of technology and innovation: According to World Economic Forum – “Technology Pioneers 2022”, Kenya is the most innovative African nation, its start-ups are the most present in the list of the best companies that employ technology and innovation to have a positive impact on business and society. On the African continent, of the six companies on the list, half are from Kenya.

  • Expats rank Nairobi best city to live in Africa: According to InterNations’ Expat City Ranking 2022 report, Nairobi is the world’s 9th best city for expats behind Dubai but much ahead of Johannesburg which ranks 55th out of the 57 world cities which the survey covered.

  • Ease of Doing Business: Kenya ranks globally #56/189 versus Johannesburg at #84/189