Sustainability is at the core of how we deliver at Two Rivers International Finance & Innovation Centre and the brand’s foundation strategy pillars are in alignment with all 17 UN SDGs.

In addition, under the umbrella of the Centum Foundation, Two Rivers is always looking to establish and build upon formal ESG programs to support the realization of the SDGs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As a result, Two Rivers not only facilitates its corporate tenants’ needs for ESG compliance but also reinforces their ESG strategy implementation.

Residents and Employee Wellness.

The social infrastructure at Two Rivers allows for easy access to healthcare services and the introduction of wellness programs at walking distance from the office that includes gym and yoga facilities.

Moreover, the TRIFIC landscape provides for green rest areas and parks for maximum enjoyment during breaks.

Environmental Impact.

Green Energy at Two Rivers: The existing installed solar energy capacity of 1.2MW reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions by 535 tonnes per annum. The existing capacity is to be doubled to reach 2.4MW.
Water Management at Two Rivers: We treat and recycle 85% of the waste water and re-use it within the development for irrigation – 2+ million litres of wastewater recycled daily at Two Rivers.
Green Spaces at Two Rivers: 30% of the development has been set aside for green areas, parks and recreational areas.


As a listed company, Centum and its subsidiary companies adhere to high standards of corporate governance. The Board of Directors of Centum includes non-executive directors who are sector experts in their various fields.

We have put together a team of some of the best minds in the region for whom integrity, professionalism and passion is a way of life.