Value Proposition

  • Inputs: Lower Cost of Doing Business

Lower operational cost and a lower base of recharging
costs from the SSC to subsidiaries, due to the VAT zero
rated status and the exemption from duty and other

  • Lower cost of international payments

Lower cost of payments to international (nonresident)
service providers, financiers, shareholders, due to the 10-
year withholding tax exemption and a preferential rate
of 5% thereafter on Interest, Management fees, and
royalty payments. The SSC can be used to pool funds
from foreign financiers, for onward lending to Subsidiaries

  • Competitive pricing of services – both local
    & Exported

Competitive pricing of services to both local and
foreign subsidiaries due to the VAT exemption on
services to local subsidiaries and VAT zero rate on
services to foreign subsidiaries

  • Corporation Tax on Business Profits

Reduced corporation tax outflows due to the
preferential Corporation tax rate of 10% for the
first 10 years, 15% next 10 years, and 30%

  • Capital Raising: Lower Finance Costs

  • Streamlined Support with
    Regulatory Authorities

Accelerated administration process with the relevant
authorities, including the seamless flow of human capital
due to the accelerated processing of expatriate work
permits/visas by the SEZ One-Stop Centre.
TRIFIC’s SEZ One-Stop-Shop assists our clients with their
registration and licensing process and other services such as
processing work permits, etc., and provides regulatory
support throughout the entity’s life in TRIFIC.
The TRIFIC One-Stop-Shop ensures that its enterprises realize
all incentives available and only focus their attention on
their core business.

  • Lower Tax Compliance Risk

Lower tax compliance burden and risk due
to VAT exemption, which eliminates VAT
obligations and risk.