Unlock unparalleled growth opportunities for your startup with the invaluable advantages

TRIFIC’sSEZincentives for startups provide a strategic edge by offering tax breaks, customs duty exemptions, and a range of financial incentives. These incentives significantly reduce operational costs, allowing startups to allocate resources where they matter most—innovation and expansion.

  • Lower Cost of Doing Business

  • 16%costsaving due to the VAT zero-rating status on all supplies to SEZs 
  • Approximately 43.5%cost saving on the importation of goods due to the customs duty and Import Declaration Levy exemption.
  • Upto36%costsaving on imported services due to the reverse VAT and Withholding tax exemption 
  • Upto67%costsavingoncorporationtaxcashoutflows
  • Lower Capital Raising and Finance Costs

1. Debt: Lower cost of foreign debt due to the 10-year withholding tax exemption and a preferential rate of 5% thereafter.

Implications on Financing:

15% saving on the cost of foreign debt due to the withholding tax exemption on foreign interest payments.

2. Equity: Maximum distribution to shareholders due to the withholding tax exemption on dividend payments.