Two Rivers Land has been Officially Gazetted as a Private Services-Focused Special Economic Zone, Driving Job Creation and Economic Growth.

The Two Rivers International Finance and Innovation Centre (TRIFIC) seeks to generate substantial export earnings and invigorate Kenya’s service sector, which already contributes 55 per cent to the country’s GDP and employs nearly 40 per cent of the workforce.

Nairobi, Kenya, 20 June 2023 – Centum Investment Company has today announced the establishment of the Two Rivers International Finance and Innovation Centre (TRIFIC). This follows the gazettement of the Two Rivers land as a private services-focused special economic zone (SEZ). It marks a significant milestone in the development of Kenya’s economic landscape and a boost for Africa’s global investment profile.

As Kenya continues to leverage its deep pool of highly competent human capital, attractive fiscal regime, cosmopolitan environment, and advanced digital infrastructure, it is in a strong position to offer a dynamic and prosperous destination for investment, innovation, and growth. Companies exploring expansion opportunities will find an ideal ecosystem in Kenya, where talent, supportive policies, and advanced technologies converge to drive sustainable success.

With a growing young population, the Two Rivers International Finance and Innovation Centre is an international-calibre urban node with world-class infrastructure, facilities and a strategic location. It aims to position Kenya as a hub for global investment and job creation by providing a world-class ecosystem where enterprises seeking to access the global and regional services market can locate themselves and benefit from the fiscal and enterprise facilitation incentives available to SEZ enterprises.

Spanning over 64 acres within Nairobi’s prestigious diplomatic blue zone, TRIFIC becomes the first-ever privately-owned business services SEZ in Kenya, offering new and exciting prospects for global, regional and Kenyan service-oriented business enterprises seeking a base to access international markets competitively.

The SEZ designation grants businesses within the Two Rivers International Finance and Innovation Centre access to a wide array of incentives available under the Special Economic Zone regime. The business-friendly enabling policies and facilitation services policies provide a competitive advantage for companies to stimulate investment, innovation, and growth. By harnessing the potential of the SEZ, TRIFIC is paving the way for the establishment of businesses that will contribute significantly to job creation and propel socio-economic development in Kenya.

Centum Group CEO, Dr James Mworia, said “The gazettement of Two Rivers as a private, services-focused Special Economic Zone is a game-changer for Kenya. TRIFIC will revolutionize Kenya’s economic landscape. It will serve as a magnet for global investment, capitalizing on Kenya’s exceptional human capital resources and advanced digital infrastructure by leveraging the deep pool of high-quality human capital, and attractive incentives. This significant milestone not only solidifies Kenya’s position as a hub for global investment but a global talent hub that generates a multitude of employment opportunities for our skilled workforce that can address the skill shortage currently being faced by the developed world.”

The Two Rivers International Finance and Innovation Centre’s strategic location, within Nairobi’s diplomatic blue zone, coupled with the fact that it already has world-class infrastructure with office, hospitality and residential facilities and social amenities is an ideal destination for businesses seeking a world-class environment to thrive. By attracting enterprises from across the globe, the Centre will facilitate knowledge transfer, promote technological advancements, and encourage collaboration among industry leaders. It will also create an attractive cosmopolitan environment for global talent.

“TRIFIC is designed to act as a strategic driver to Kenya’s economic vision and to propel Africa’s engagement with global investors and businesses, offering them an enabling environment and a unique location that can enable them to offer competitive services to clients across the globe. We have the potential to develop a further 1.2 Million square meters of development within TRIFIC which can accommodate thousands of enterprises and we will shortly commence the development of a world-class convention centre, a five-star hotel and a hospital,” said James Mworia.

The establishment of TRIFIC reaffirms Kenya’s commitment to economic growth and prosperity. By providing a conducive ecosystem for businesses, the Centre will drive innovation, boost exports, cement Kenya’s position as a financial hub and nurture the country’s technological advancements. With its ability to attract foreign direct investment and generate employment opportunities, TRIFIC plays a pivotal role in Kenya’s journey towards becoming a premier global investment destination.

TRIFIC’s commitment to job creation and socio-economic development aligns with Kenya’s vision of building a prosperous and inclusive economy. By attracting foreign direct investment, stimulating innovation, and nurturing local talent, TRIFIC is poised to play a pivotal role in driving Kenya’s economic growth and creating a brighter future for all.

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